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On this page you will find videos on topics you may not think about during your home search: radon gas, monsoon damage potential, safe rodent control, certain species of cactus that need more watering, etc.

After watching each video, you can click on the link, enter your contact info and I’ll send you some free information about the topic. Don’t worry about providing me your contact info: I promise not to bombard you incessantly with emails or phone calls. I don’t like that myself, and I won’t do it to you! You’ll get one or two from me to make sure you received it and see if you have any questions.

“Insider Tips” When Moving to Phoenix?

Click here  to receive my free report on “Insider Tips for Living in Phoenix.” On a local social media bulletin board, an out-of-towner asked what “insider secrets” the locals could tell them about moving to Phoenix and buying a home. The response was incredible; more than 350 comments that I’ve categorized and condensed into a couple dozen suggestions.

Radon Risk in Arizona?

Click Here to receive your FREE report about radon gas in Arizona, including a map of where the hotspots are. Radon gas levels in Arizona are generally low, but there are a few hotspots to be aware of. Before you close on a home, it might be a good idea to get a radon inspection.

Monsoons: Avoid a Floody Mess

Click Here to receive free information on how to plan and prepare for monsoon season. Know what to look for when inspecting a property for previous signs of damage.

I Need to Water My Cactus?

Click Here to receive free information on caring for your cactus. Many species of cacti planted around Arizona are not native to here. They come from areas in Mexico and South America where rainfall is more prevalent. So they need to be watered!

Safe Rodent Control

Click Here and I’ll send you some free information on how you can safely control rodents on your property while protecting Arizona’s amazing wildlife. Rat poisons are killing the very predators nature designed to control the rodent population, and you can do something about it.